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How To Make Your Blog Posts Sponsor Worthy

18 December 2018

  Blogging is about so much more than just telling a story, sharing knowledge, or building engagement. See, there’s a bit of a method to getting the most out of your well put-together content that you might not have considered in your caffeine fueled state. That’s why we’ve put together this kick-ass list of all the secrets on how to make your Blog Posts professional AF! Keep Your Images Under Control This one is so important not just for making your blog posts look the best they can, but for keeping your site running as efficiently as possible.  Now there’s a few points we need to talk about with images so we’re going to break them down a little further. Please, resize your insanely large images! This is the number one issue we spot with a lot of websites and blogs and to be totally honest, I was making the […] | READ MORE |

How To Write An Interesting About Me Bio

18 December 2018

  Nothing causes a mini freak out like trying to work out what to write about yourself. I’ve never met a single person who actually enjoy this process. Have no fear though! Our guide is here to tell you How To Write an Interesting About Me. Follow the headlines below to sentence your paragraphs and you’ll have this knocked out in no time at all. Who are you? Your bio should tell your story.  Who you are, what you’re doing, and what makes you different. Here’s a few ideas for you: Your name Your kids name & age Where do you live? What’s a normal day like in your house? What does your family love to do together? What makes your family different to others? What’s the benefit? The aim here is to modestly sell yourself and your lifestyle so that your visitors go exploring your site and subscribing to […] | READ MORE |

How To Use Mail Chimp For WordPress | Our Step By Step Guide

18 December 2018

  Knowing how to use MailChimp for WordPress will change the way you market to your audience forever. MailChimp is my absolute favourite email marketing tool, especially from a design perspective.  It has wayyyy more creative control than any other platform I’ve used and once you get the hang of how it works, it makes creating new emails a breeze! In this post, we’re going to be telling you exactly how to use mailchimp for WordPress in a step by step format. The Basics of MailChimp MailChimp is an online platform that can send automatic or custom emails to your subscribers.  We love it because we can set it up to send an email every week, fortnight, month, whatever with all your latest Blog Posts, Services, or Products that have been added to your site.  All of this happens automatically by the way – there’s nothing extra you need to […] | READ MORE |

Where To Start With Your New Site | A Step By Step Guide

18 December 2018

So you’ve registered your custom domain, filled out the content form and we’re working on customising your site design. Now it’s time for you to customise your content which probably sounds scarier than it is. Don’t worry though – as promised, we guide you through the entire process with a detailed step-by-step guide. DASHBOARD LOGIN The Dashboard is where you access all the important parts of your Site from the back end. To Log In add /wp-admin to the end of your domain name like this: Enter the Username and Password that you created during your Registration. Click on your Site Name in the Admin Bar at the top to be taken back to the front end of your Site.     USE THE LIVE EDITOR You should now be back on the front end of your site. Use your Navigation Menu to find the page that you want to edit, or […] | READ MORE |

How To Keep Your Blog Alive During The Christmas Craze

18 December 2018

I’ve been given a little nudge by Stef from the Sistas In Success Community group on Facebook (check it out) to get organised for Christmas which is now just weeks away. I hadn’t really thought much about the Christmas period until now and I’ve realised, I need to come up with a solid plan to keep my blog running while keeping up with all the shopping, planning, advent calendar activites, family visits and everything else that comes with this magical time. Schedule Your Content Scheduling my content has been a life saver because I really don’t have the time to commit each day to creating new and interesting content for my blog and social media. I use Later which has heaps of amazingly automated ways to post to your social media streams, and best of all – it’s free. Work With Purpose Time is limited for us at the moment […] | READ MORE |

How To Create A New Blog Post | A Step By Step Guide

18 December 2018

We’ve created this awesome little video to get you started with How To Create A New Blog Post. First of all, you need to make sure that you’re logged in to your Dashboard. Now, follow the steps in the video.