Off Grid Mumma

| by Caity Fitzgerald |

We always hoped we’d have an adventurous child so I guess it’s no surprise that our almost two year old Cypress keeps us on our toes.
We’re raising our little wild child in every kids dream environment. We’ve got nine acres of prime growing land, two dams, 5 chooks, 1 cranky old dog and over 200 edible trees my husband Chris has planted since we moved here two years ago.
We’ve made a shed our home with all the creature comforts of a “normal”house without the struggles of electricity & water bills. One day we’ll build a house but only when we can create the one of our dreams.
So for now, we’re plodding along, enjoying the twists and turns of parenthood while juggling the launch of The Mothers Co.
This is a chance for me to share the crazy that goes on in our life and hopefully inspire others to find their own way of living that brings true freedom.


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