How To Write An Interesting About Me Bio


Nothing causes a mini freak out like trying to work out what to write about yourself. I’ve never met a single person who actually enjoy this process.

Have no fear though! Our guide is here to tell you How To Write an Interesting About Me.

Follow the headlines below to sentence your paragraphs and you’ll have this knocked out in no time at all.

Who are you?

Your bio should tell your story.  Who you are, what you’re doing, and what makes you different.
Here’s a few ideas for you:

  • Your name
  • Your kids name & age
  • Where do you live?
  • What’s a normal day like in your house?
  • What does your family love to do together?
  • What makes your family different to others?

What’s the benefit?

The aim here is to modestly sell yourself and your lifestyle so that your visitors go exploring your site and subscribing to your email newsletters.
Here’s some points to think about:

What story will you be sharing?

Who’s your family, where and how do you live, how do you spend time together, what makes you all unique?

What experience will you be sharing?

Explain to your readers what they’re going to get from your blog.  Will you be sharing awesome recipes?  Do you love a good Kmart hack?  Or do you take the piss as good as Celeste Barber?

What’s next?

This is where you can share you dreams and goals for you blog or business moving forward and is the perfect way to make sure you wrap your bio up in a super positive, excited way.

Call to action.

Please, please, please remember your Call To Action – the very most important part of this page.

Remember when we said you basically need to sell yourself to get your readers to subscribe?  This is where we lead them to the cash register and get them to whip out their wallet.

You can keep this super simple and down to earth too.

Something like “Subscribe to join the family.” or “Wanna stay in the loop?” keep it in line with the rest of your bio and you’ll win them over for sure.

Other important stuff to remember.

Write in your own language.

Imagine as if you’re sitting across from the reader over a cuppa and type exactly as you would speak.  This makes your content so much more relatable and will set you apart from the rest.  It also allows your reader to feel like they truly know you.

Keep it short.

You don’t want to bore the crap out of your readers with too much info about your Pug named Brutus and the story of this adoption, training, and acceptance into Puppy Prep.  About 6 short paragraphs is all we need here.

Now go on – get writing!

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