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Oh hey… it’s me, Caity! I followed my own advice and have decided to share a little about me… My husband Chris and I are raising our wild almost-two-year-old Cypress in the Mary Valley on 9 acres. We live off grid (solar power, water tanks only) in a shed that we’ve converted into a cosy little 2 bedroom home. We’ll eventually build a house but we’re in no rush. Chris has planted what will one day be a food forest and our property that 2 years ago had 4 trees, now has over 100 edible varieties. We live to be outside and love getting into farm jobs. We’ve just finished fencing a paddock which will soon house some alpacas and sheep! I struggled pretty hard with postnatal depression & anxiety after having Cypress. Writing was a way for me to heal and let those close to us know what was going on in my head which in turn helped them help me. I’ve been doing website design on and off for about 8 years now and it’s my true passion. I love being able to design, problem solve, and create new opportunities for others. I’ve dreamed of launching this business for years. It just wasn’t always clear exactly what it should be until now. I guess before now the timing just wasn’t right either. I want to do more than just build websites, I want to nurture, support, and educate Aussie Mums on their journey to building their online businesses! #offgridliving #shedhouse #acreageliving #countryliving #maryvalley #sunshinecoast #foodforest #alpacas #sheep #postnataldepression #websitedesign #newbusiness #businessmum #mummyblogger

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