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Having a website built doesn't have to be as painful as birthing a 9 pound breach baby.

We've streamlined the process to deliver stunning blogs, websites & online stores for a super affordable price.

Domain Registration, Hosting & Backups can be a nightmare to wrap your head around which is why handle it all for you.

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We do all the behind-the-scenes work needed to build a site that runs well...
from registering a domain to setting up your newsletter & social media integration meaning you don't have to lift a finger.


Your website absolutely must reflect your personality so we work with your style to customise the colours & fonts of your site.  Then we upload your sexy little logo in all the right places & we're ready to launch.


Having a kick-ass website is one thing, but you need to know WTAF to do with it which is why we hold your hand & arm you with a heap of guides, tutorials & videos to walk you through everything you need to know.


We're all about building a collective of awesome business Mamas who encourage, support & inspire each other which is why we have our close-knit Facebook Group just for our members of The Mothers Co.


Minimal Blog Template

Our blog package is the very start of our levels and although it's still a website, it only includes the basic features and functions needed for you to write, share & manage your journey.

With a Home, About & Contact page you can highlight all the most important info about you, while your Blog page showcases all of your Blog Posts in date order with the newest showing at the top.

We've built a range of Designs for you to choose from which we'll use as your layout.  Then we tweak it and customise it to make sure it fits with your personality.

If you start offering services or products at any point during your blogging journey, we can easily upgrade you to a high level package.

And as with all our packages, we're always on hand to offer help or advice.


Minimal Blog Template

This perfect all-round website solution for those running a business or offering services.

This package has a Home page design that's all about making an impression which links to your Services page to highlight what it is you do, and why you're the best at it.

A Contact page can display a contact form, Google Map and of course your all important contact information.

We also include Blog functionality in our Website package because believe it or not - Blogging is a great way to be found online & offer value to your website visitors.

Our collection of Designs have an option for every style of business and we'll of course brand it to match the fonts, colours & logo of your business.

And best of all - if you ever need to start selling virtual, downloadable, or physical products through your website - we can upgrade you to the next package level at any time with no interruption to your current website.


Minimal Blog Template

For our creative Mamas who need a reliable, seamless & professional selling platform.

Our Online Store package adds E-Commerce functionality to your website, allowing you to manage your stock, customers, orders, shipping & so, so much more.

Each Design has a Home page layout that's built to drive sales and promote your very best products as well as any that might be on sale, or newly added as well as links to your most popular Product Categories.

A Shop page features all of your products with filtering & search ability so your customers can find exactly what they're looking for.

The Product Page shows your customers the important details of each products including different variations for colours, sizing, etc.

Our Cart and Checkout pages make it simple for your customers to complete their orders - even on their phones, and integrated shipping allows automatic calculations based on what they buy & where it's being sent.

Store Notifications sends live updates to you and your customer any time the status of an order is changed due to payment, shipping, etc.

We also include Blog functionality in our Online Store package because believe it or not - Blogging is a great way to be found online & offer value to your website visitors.

Our collection of Designs have an option for every style of business and we'll of course brand it to match the fonts, colours & logo of your business.



Because Mums are different!

Your life doesn't operate the same way as everyone else so why should your website design & development?

Sometimes you need to work with someone who hears a screaming in the background and says "call me back when you can".

Or someone who gets it when you say "sorry, can't respond right now - cluster feeding".

Or someone who won't think any differently of you if you accidentally cry at them because you've reached your limit and they're your only adult contact for the day.

We get it & we've got you.

Because mental health doesn't come easy!

For some it does, and for others it's a daily battle.

I'm one of the battling types and struggled so much with Postnatal Depression & Anxiety which started to sod off when I had something to focus my mind and creativity on. 

The problem is, it's hard to invest what's left of your life savings into having a website built in the hope that it will help you find the new you.

This is why our prices are as low as they are - because everyone deserves a shot at happiness and success.

Because having a creative outlet is essential!

The Mothers Co is all about offering Mums the tailored services they need to start a blog or run a business.

Having something that's just yours is so important for you to feel independent, valued & like you're more than just your kid's Snack Bitch & Lead Ass Whipper.

Having something that you can jump into during nap times, and switch off from during play time is vital.

Plus, connecting with others is more powerful than you think - even if it is in the virtual world, and not the "real life"world.

Because we all want more money!

No matter who you are, what you do, how much cash you have stashed - we all want more money to enjoy our lives & spoil our kids with.

Many women think of an Online Business as an Online Store but did you know plenty of Mummy Bloggers are making a decent wage off their Blog?

And no, I don't count Instagram freebies as a wage - I mean actual cash that can buy actual things.

Like anything, running an Online Business takes times to establish and some serious commitment on your part, but it's totally worth the flexibility and freedom that comes with it.